Serious HOUSING CRISIS ROTORUA action needed. 🚑

HELP: 29 Families Made Homeless on Monday Alone!


Gina Peiffer:  Update:

We have been busy with more families coming to us for assistance. Love Soup Rotorua have an arrangement with Tarewa pounamu Marae to continue utilizing the Marae for Homeless to connect to us Mon Wed & Fri 10-12 at 26 Tarewa road.  There are 50 families across Rotorua in Motels and many more singles & couples in Backpackers.

We were fortunate enough to have had a meeting with those involved with Iwi here in Rotorua and the need for action to be taken sooner rather than later.

In the past 3-4 weeks we have managed to house 22 families but with the shortage of houses available this is becoming more difficult each day. We are incredibly thankful to a new rental agency who approached us to house people as she was aware of the work we do and how we provide a wrap-around service, which involves follow up visits on a weekly basis to make sure things are going well for tenant and Landlord. Any issues that arise can be dealt with quickly. The Wrap-around service is essential to the ongoing success of those we house.

We have been offered a place for our “Car” people which is safe and private and we are looking at providing a meal for these people on site. We are currently organising how this would work to be most effective.

Thank you to all you wonderful people for the continued support and love you give to Love soup Rotorua and it’s people. We are so thankful for your donations of Food, clothing, Furniture and would not be here if it weren’t for this support.
Kia kaha Rotorua

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