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Love Soup Hibiscus Coast April 2016

Executive Summary

Love Soup is not-for-profit. Our food rescue plan (collecting good food that would be either dumped or given to farmers) we provide free, health-focused meals for Elderly. Families,& Children. We distribute food to organisations that give to those in need.

Love Soup serves in Tokoroa & Rotorua, and have adapted to the needs of each community. Successfully helping over 1000 people a week.

Main Focus – Rotorua: providing meals 7 days a week for the Homeless. helping to advocate for them, find them homes, help with furnishing their homes. This is achieved by working with the community and businesses who give full support. Love Soup Rotorua also provides food to several organisations who collect and distribute to people in need.

Main Focus – Tokoroa: providing free, good, health-focused meals to the community via indoor or outdoor (summer) Kitchens, and by distributing food to the Food Bank to supply people and Families in need. Love Soup Tokoroa also created belonging and community by running free family events such as movie nights at the local youth park, they also run The Koha Shed Tokoroa which is a place for the community to donate goods which are then offered out freely. The Koha Shed is found in several communities around NZ.

Starting in June 2016 ….  Hibiscus Coast Auckland.  Our goal is to alleviate hunger & poverty by soliciting, collecting, growing, and packaging food for distribution through a network of service agencies and programs that serve our target population groups.  Love Soup will seek support from the community & charitable organisations and will seek funding applications and corporate sponsorship.

Our client base is low-income people, mainly families & elderly, who need emergency help to put food on the table. We will access these clients by supporting the existing organisations who do this by providing them with our access to fresh produce and bread.

Our services improve the ability of families to care for children, and achieve goals of self-sufficiency. Love Soup services, are a small investment in comparison to cost of ignoring the problem of hunger in this country. Hunger and poverty impact our communities by creating a variety of social issues particularly around education, health and crime.


Feed the Need, Mind Body and Spirit…


  • Establish donation network of local growers, retailers, wholesalers, and processors in Hibiscus Coast & areas around Auckland.
  • Raise funds needed to help with transportation, & operational costs,
  • Apply for funding to help with vehicle, Fridges and Freezers or seek community donations
  • Connect with organisations that will get food to the people that need it.
  • Create, identify volunteer roles, in various areas of service, collection & distribution, administration, kitchen hands, cooks, welcoming of guests, event organisers, Trustees, advocacy, marketing.
  • Hold regular, consistent meetings with committee, and with volunteers ensuring communication as a vital key to good outcomes that benefit the community and organisation
  • Volunteers to learn, understand and agree with our guidelines, policies, and procedures set out with Food handling, Hygiene, Food distribution, Safety & protection for and behalf of our volunteers, guests and recipients.
  •  Routines to set up, with daily report of foods incoming and outgoing.

Legal Entity Love Soup is a registered Charitable Trust. Charities Registration CC49692

Research results from locals in Hibiscus Coast


Marketing Strategy

Love Soups marketing program will focus on increasing its visibility in the community. Participating food retail stores will carry information about Love Soup and how stores like them are helping the community.  Acknowledgement & Thank You Posters will be distributed to stores for option to display and the program will find additional methods to raise the profile of stores that assist us to achieve our goals.

Program brochures will be distributed by local social service programs and agencies that serve the target population groups.  In addition, these programs and agencies will serve as advocates of using Love Soup in response to the need for emergency food.


Fundraising Strategy

Love Soup will start a Fundraising campaign:

Ideas and examples of ways we have raised funds in the past:

  1. Participating in programs such as “Good in the Hood” with Z energy, and Tokens placed in Love Soup’s container from plastic bags purchased at The Warehouse.
  2. Place donation bins in participating stores
  3. Encouraging customers to shop at a certain store with a percentage of funds going to Love Soup.
  4. BBQ Sausage Sizzles
  5. Car washes
  6. Charity music events (e.g. Band donates time)
  1. Management Summary Love Soup’s management team consist of a board of Trustee’s, an Administrator, and includes several Volunteers delegated responsibilities to various areas. All positions are on a voluntary basis only. Any professionals we require, we seek of them to offer their services for free, unless we get funding for e.g. Accountant Personnel Plan
    • Volunteer coordinator
    • Food solicitation & Distribution coordinator
    • Meal coordinator
    • Administrator
    • Trustees

    Financial Plan Love Soup is funded from a variety of sources, both public and private.  We anticipate that funding will increase over time.  The Administrator and the board of Trustees will be responsible for reviewing the program expenditures and making adjustment to assure the program solvency and sustainability.