Children living without homes Rotorua Homelessness an increasing concern

Latest & alarming news with Founders Love Soup: Gina and  KidsCan: Julie Chapman:  See yesterday’s article here with Daily Post:  Rotorua Children “new face of Homelessness”    

Rotorua Primary pupils donate toys

The Good work carries on, with Rotorua Community Generosity pouring in to help support our Homeless. Here are some updates from Love Soup Rotorua Facebook Group page:

Please consider supporting them. Its clear this work is not going away. along with it comes many long hours of dedicated service. from like minded and caring hearts we can all do our part to help make a positive change. Sharing the love Gina and Elmer you are true legend and great inspiration.


One thought on “Children living without homes Rotorua Homelessness an increasing concern”

  1. Lets hope next year sees in a new alternative government in that will address the needs of the impoverished. Let’s help close down that inequality gap together. Corporates working alongside alternative social agencies so that a better delivery of services can be implemented to helping those who need it. What goes around comes around. Place your vote where you know it’s going to make a child’s life much more happier and content. Because of Mum and Dad are taken care of then happy famies. Jobs are scare, unemployment is raising and living costs go up. We need to start thinking outside the box instead of being syppressed and oppressed by capitalists who think of themselves instead of a village. Here’s to 2017 and looking forward to working on partnership with the Crown for addressing our people’s needs.

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