Unity March for Homelessness Love Soup Rotorua

Incredible and dedicated efforts to make positive changes, and bring support to our Homeless people in Rotorua.

Gina, Elmer and concerned community members went to the streets Saturday to show support for our friends without homes Unity March Facebook

to follow/Support more on the work they do they have a group on Facebook Love Soup Rotorua  

Love Soup Rotorua takes to street to highlight homelessness in community

Update how can you help: Love Soup Rotorua is Selling the Entertainment Book this year click Here

Community bands together in march for the homeless

Stressed mother: ‘It’s too much for me’

Rising rents and rental shortage makes for tough times for renters

Road trip to Auckland City 😍Feeding the Homeless

As soon we start Serving at the Auckland City Mission the definite highlight was when the music started playing and we get our groove on.. Thank you the team at Auckland City Mission for your warm welcome and help, tonight we served over 100 meals.

A grateful heart and special thanks to our volunteers that helped prep today, Chrissy, Suzanne, Shannon, Shakira, Tracey, Scott, Rachel, Rose and Crystal, the day was a breeze went so smooth thanks to your devotion and support.

We look forward to doing this again next month Love Soup will be there every 2nd Sat of each month 😍


Love Soup Tokoroa feeding the kids, community food rescue still carries on

Love Soup is still going strong our great team with cheerful spirits working hard from their homes, providing Lunches to over 200 kids a week , Community meals and Food Rescue providing food to agencies that help people in need. Thanks to Countdown and an amazing Community minded Manager Duane thats been a big support to us in Tokoroa, Rotorua and also growth into Auckland.

The work is needed more and more an ever increase of people really struggling that truly appreciate these caring, devoted hardworking souls. Sunday and Monday I took a trip down for a much needed visit a very emotional time as I meet with our Volunteers and see such loving dedication for the better good.

Busy bees doing the work we love 🏃🐝🐝🐝🌼☀️

Food Rescue and Distribution  – The weather was kind to Frank &  I  (Julie) today as we did our Food Deliveries, not for Angela on Tuesday though, rain, hail or shine we get the work done, and its all because of the support & kindness of people that believe in our work. & the growing need to do something.

each week we distribute food to around 14 organisations, helping to Feed the Need. on the Hibiscus Coast. I remember when i first arrived in Auckland  March last year.. and people questioned the need. taking part and doing this work your eyes are opened to how much it really is. and its a happy day everyday to be able to provide and bring smiles to brighten peoples day.






☀️🌷 Happy New Year EVERYONE 💖🌻

New Beginnings.. Its time to celebrate and set some positive goals. We are all scattered about in various places over the holiday’s visiting family and friends. Wishing you all the very best for a happy, Safe and prosperous 2017. Lets be mindful of our less fortunate, and remember we are all capable of doing something to help lift the spirits of others. I would like to give each of you a challenge this year to everyday of 2017 do a good deed. no matter how crap you are feeling,  even sharing a simple smile and hello to lift someone’s day could be all it takes, That and stay healthy 🚴🌞.. Julie 

Congratulations Gina and Elmer daily posts person’s of the year, so well deserved for all your , inspiring dedicated and amazing work you do alongside a very supportive network of like minded community of people loving people.

Sitting at my desk thinking about all the “Happy New Year” wishes going out across facebookland.
Last night we took our son’s into town to see in the New year, we went for a walk and saw many of our people on the streets, some were busking, some were watching and supporting them, how happy will their New year be with the realities that housing is not affordable or available in our city.That families are being given 90 day notices that will see them moving not just out of the city but to another country because of the lack of housing and the rising costs. Landlords who have increased rents to such a ridiculous rate that no -one, especially on a benefit, could afford to pay and the state of many rental properties that are in bad disrepair and neglected because some landlords are to miserable to look after what should be an investment, but expect you to pay top dollar for a run down house with 4 walls.
The reality of 2017 is all of the above for many singles, couples and families. How happy does that make their New Year.
My wish for 2017 is to see more housing made available,to see families,couples and singles being able to afford to pay rent and still have money for Food & power.The need for Social services is greater than ever.
Election year this year and no doubt we will become a popular topic with promises being made.The epidemic of Homelessness has gone from predominately single older males to everyone, including those who work fulltime.
We have dealt with all forms of homelessness and their issues but 2016 saw a move that could only be described as “unprecedented for New Zealand” and is a growing issue.
Homelessness has no Bias, it does not care what size, shape,color you are, wether you are working or not, whether you are single or a family of 7.It has and is, affecting everyone, do not think you are safe from being touched by it’s cold hand.
To all those we have and are working with our hope is to be able to house you and yours in a safe affordable environment where you can focus on the important things like raising your family, being able to put food on the table every night and to have a warm bed to drift away on.
May 2017 see those in power, have compassion and a heart for those who are Homeless.
I’m over people Talking the talk, we need you to WALK the talk.



Love, the meaning of life. Its alive and well in the Hibiscus Coast.

less than 24 hours to go and the volunteers are busily and cheerfully on the job…. When Coastie’s wanna give boy oh boy they don’t muck around!! Never in my life have i seen such incredible generosity with that constant flow of kind hearts just coming in wanting to pay it forward. So exciting i even had a momentarily happy attack yes they really happen.

we have even been donated a shed, 4 of our men Richard, Paul, Martin & Paul went to help lift it. made it back in one piece. Our John is on easy tasks we need to be mindful of his back. They have been working very hard the last 2 weeks getting the hall ready, removing rubbish, completing the shed and making clear our new pantry room, where we can now store more Fridges which we are needing. fixing the floor, cleaning, decorating, gardening so very dedicated

Along with the incredible generous donations of gifts, We have hams  for families, My Food Bag  Christmas hampers via Nadia Lim And a Trampoline! Thank you Ian Langman Fifo Capital part of our Bob Club network in Whangaparaoa

Thank You’s last few days..

The Warehouse Whangapraoa For portable cooker , Rebecca My Health and Safety Stocking up our pantry, John and Millwater Community Church including your ongoing financial support, and regular donations, Gifts and food, June & Emma for the hams, Richard and Sarah The Good Home for the many gifts, Carlos and Family for food, Sue Tickner & Lettisia Making us Cheesecake, Sarah & Dave gifts, Lisa and the team Silverdale Adventures, Melinda Ham, Andrew & Charlotte gifts, Louise gifts, Sasha Blackwell for the hampers donated via My Food Bag, Isabella Stimpson

And never forget our incredible and valuable volunteers!!

Grateful and Overwhelmed the generosity & Love of Community

Heartening & Appreciated donations just flooding in..  since Sunday 18th Dec …Barfoot & Thompson Whangaparaoa gifts and food, Vicki Chord – Gifts , Debbie Tilley Ham, Michelle Macdonald Ham, Gill & Barnie Illuminate Church  Food and support,  Rachel and Richard Hollings & Massey University Students for Food Drive, Stacey Sainty Stanmore Bay Kindergarten, Krista gifts, Brendan Baptist Church Youth, Sarah Radford Ham, Nikita and the team at Silverdale Pak N Save,  Wendy and Whangaparaoa Kindergarten reindeer poster trail and Wendy for Garden mulch, Kym Lyons First Rate Mortgages colleague from Bob Club Hibiscus Coast

Baldry & Sanford LTD for $720 via Givealittle !!! Seriously 😍🌹🎁🎅🎄🎉😍

The men are working long hours to get the Hall prepared and looking amazing for Christmas and an eventful summer we plan to hold a few community BBQ’s fire up the Pizza Oven and some good old fun just being together,  We now have an extra room which is being set aside for our Pantry and goods, freeing up some room for the eventual development of a community radio station. just a few days to go for a magical Christmas on the Coast

Children living without homes Rotorua Homelessness an increasing concern

Latest & alarming news with Founders Love Soup: Gina and  KidsCan: Julie Chapman:  See yesterday’s article here with Daily Post:  Rotorua Children “new face of Homelessness”    

Rotorua Primary pupils donate toys

The Good work carries on, with Rotorua Community Generosity pouring in to help support our Homeless. Here are some updates from Love Soup Rotorua Facebook Group page:

Please consider supporting them. Its clear this work is not going away. along with it comes many long hours of dedicated service. from like minded and caring hearts we can all do our part to help make a positive change. Sharing the love Gina and Elmer you are true legend and great inspiration.


Dynamo Danny’s Coast Christmas, walks on the beach & Community generosity

Community meals, Food Rescue, getting Fresh air and enjoyable doggie beach walkies, Deliveries to Auckland City & Helensville, Take away meals given out to Baptist Church for struggling families, Food Parcels, Fundraising at Coast Christmas Carnival organised by Danny @ Earthstone Arts we did it all this week…. Including the completion of our Shed!!!

Our trip to Helensville was a good success Delivering Cheese to the Women’s centre with Tania,  meeting with the Countdown store manager and the Parakai Community hub for a possibility we can bring Love Soup there soon….

we are pumped and all geared up for a fantastic community Christmas next week only 8 days to go …. but who’s counting…

Donations are rolling in and we a continue to be astounded & Surprised with the communities generosity and support for our First Christmas on the Coast

This weeks Thank You’s ….

Susan and Clients for Gifts from Smart Health & Fitness NZ  for the presents to gift our Teenagers and Adults.

Chrissy Clements Founder of Desexy Revolution * Humane Rescue, Rehabilitation & Rehoming Trust via Neigbourly

Justin Case (Kevin)  for the Freezer full of Meat

Countdown Head office for the Gift Voucher & Countdown local stores for Food Rescue

Pak N Save Silverdale for Groceries

Dean and Lorraine from HBC Plumbing for the Hams

Kevin and Linda for the Gazebo

Meegan and the Team at Barfoot and Thompson Whangaparaoa for gift and goodies

Puhoi Valley Cheese (this weeks donated to Auckland City Mission & Women’s Health Centre Helensville

Cherylle Wood Bright Bears Preschool for the Soft toys and gifts 

Bruce Cowan from Thexton Cowan Consulting (met via Bob Club Silverdale) Continued Coaching a personal vision for Love Soup.

Hibiscus Matters Christmas Campaign with Terry Moore


Christmas wrapped up in Love Tokoroa

Christmas Gift wrapping with special thanks again from The Warehouse Tokoroa supporting Love Soup, and also Noel Leeming this year supporting Johann and team at  The Koha Shed.

Love Soup has been providing lunches for up to 230 Kids a week, with many thanks also to great support of Duane our local Countdown store manager, that has also come along to take part in helping out to feed the kids. an Integral part of what we do is because of their support. they also provide a Food rescue that helps get food to families in need by sharing it with the Local Food Bank Sports teams and Churches. Our community meals stopped in October.

The Koha shed is found around NZ where everything donated is gifted Free. we have a group page you can also join to learn more about us TKSA