Unity March for Homelessness Love Soup Rotorua

Incredible and dedicated efforts to make positive changes, and bring support to our Homeless people in Rotorua.

Gina, Elmer and concerned community members went to the streets Saturday to show support for our friends without homes Unity March Facebook

to follow/Support more on the work they do they have a group on Facebook Love Soup Rotorua  

Love Soup Rotorua takes to street to highlight homelessness in community

Update how can you help: Love Soup Rotorua is Selling the Entertainment Book this year click Here

Community bands together in march for the homeless

Stressed mother: ‘It’s too much for me’

Rising rents and rental shortage makes for tough times for renters

Road trip to Auckland City 😍Feeding the Homeless

As soon we start Serving at the Auckland City Mission the definite highlight was when the music started playing and we get our groove on.. Thank you the team at Auckland City Mission for your warm welcome and help, tonight we served over 100 meals.

A grateful heart and special thanks to our volunteers that helped prep today, Chrissy, Suzanne, Shannon, Shakira, Tracey, Scott, Rachel, Rose and Crystal, the day was a breeze went so smooth thanks to your devotion and support.

We look forward to doing this again next month Love Soup will be there every 2nd Sat of each month 😍


Love Soup Tokoroa feeding the kids, community food rescue still carries on

Love Soup is still going strong our great team with cheerful spirits working hard from their homes, providing Lunches to over 200 kids a week , Community meals and Food Rescue providing food to agencies that help people in need. Thanks to Countdown and an amazing Community minded Manager Duane thats been a big support to us in Tokoroa, Rotorua and also growth into Auckland.

The work is needed more and more an ever increase of people really struggling that truly appreciate these caring, devoted hardworking souls. Sunday and Monday I took a trip down for a much needed visit a very emotional time as I meet with our Volunteers and see such loving dedication for the better good.