100 Reasons to Smile

Tonight we fed 100 happy guests, with around 12 volunteers. our Love family is growing, at 3pm we had a good crowd turn up for our event with Tori @ Compost Collective & Love Food Hate Waste, We love collaborating with them, as we believe in how important it is to raise awareness of how much is wasted and protecting our environment.

So many still do not realize we are here, and some think we are only here for Homeless people, but our services are here for anyone in the community. And we enjoy meeting each of you.

Always Thankful to our Dynamo Danny, for introducing me to Wayne Walker, Our very own Father Earth, and Auckland Councilor, how quickly and amazing it became. From Strength to Strength Love Soup Hibiscus Coast was born.

I have not lost hope yet that, Love Soup Tokoroa will be rebuilt 💓🏫 A Community Hub is really needed there.

Each of us must rededicate ourselves to serving the common good.  We are a community.  Our individual Fates are linked; our futures intertwined; and if we act in that knowledge and in that spirit together, as the Bible says: “We can move mountains.”  Jimmy Carter

Photos of our Day 20th November 2016 Whangaparaoa Hall

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Hibiscus Coast WOF Centre to the Rescue & Keeping us Safe! 💓🚙

Since moving to the Hibiscus Coast in March I am continuously blown away everyday from the kindness and support people give., Not only is it beautiful everywhere you look, but so is the hearts in our community, Part of the work we do requires a fair bit of travel especially with Food rescue, finding ways to make ends meet can be a real struggle, This morning I got a phone call from Ursula, She remembers me coming in a few months back to get our WOF done, after she saw our article in The Hibiscus Matters about needing help with Oil change, They offered to provide us this service along with other checks, putting air in our Tyres, which they did also today, Checking over the car, They found our rear brake pads were dangerously flat, Which they also replaced. Free of Charge.

Ursula has a heart to help those that are less fortunate, being through her own struggles with losing her life long partner of 44 years in 2014, She has been running the business on her own for 2 1/2 years. Helping us she did without wanting any recognition, but with her permission I really wanted to acknowledge her and the business for their kindness and hope our community will support them.

If you are looking for a great place to come, to get your WOF services done, also specializing in Servicing and repairs, Batteries and Tyres, They also provide W.I.N.Z Quotes and offer $5 Discount W.O.F for our Senior Citizens and Students.

Fantastic friendly service you can trust, with even an area you can sit down relax and have a hot cuppa while you wait.

Now we can continue our plan with travels to Whangarei,Tokoroa & Rotorua to deliver Cheese 💓✨🚗☀

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Love in Lemonade & Tour Puhoi Valley 🌱💖

Thursday 17th November,

15135803_1275652112499291_6535022497383579826_nWe visited GORGANICS, today meeting with Ivana, which are kindly donating us Fruits and Vegetables, We were so Excited to hear that Ivana’s Daughter Riley and friend Daisy did a lemonade stand to help raise some money for us too, how thoughtful and kind are our young ones. Thank you our sweethearts.20161117_10235115037238_1275652079165961_4540597627563211394_n

Marty and I took a road trip up to Puhoi Valley our Favorite Cheese Factory, Oh how we all Love our CHEESE 😍 We got to meet the lovely Marianne at Puhoi Valley café, and Next driveway over Where the bigger factory is, Aaron and Bryce that have been organizing to get the cheese to us, Which is Distributed widely around Auckland, Warkworth, Hamilton Tokoroa and Rotorua, with plans to get to Whangarei and Helensville in the near future. It was a wet day but every time such a beautiful drive and we love opportunities to visit. We are keen to bring our volunteers out someday for a treat here, the place is just magical, even in the rain.

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😍🎈🎉💖🌟 WISHLIST 😍🎈🎉💖🌟

Please consider supporting one of our Kitchens:


Hair nets, Gloves, Handy towels, Containers with lids, Marge, Tea, Coffee, sugar, Meat.   The basics. MTA VOUCHERS  – Gifts for Christmas Day

Hibiscus Coast:

Baking Paper
Containers with Lids – takeaway meals
Meal bases
Fly Spray
Rubbish Bags
Fruit – to distribute to schools

Christmas wrapping paper – Gifts for Christmas Day.

Food Dehydrators.
Petrol Vouchers – Oil Change for car – MTA VOUCHERS
Fridge / Fridge Freezer



Glad wrap, Christmas wrapping paper, Thermal Cups for Kids Kai, Freezer bags, Mayonnaise or Condensed Milk( Homemade Dressing)  Petrol vouchers. – MTA Vouchers. – Gifts for Christmas.

🌟Thank you for your support 🌟



Whats up November …

Our hearts go out to all those affected with Yesterday’s Earthquake….

We welcome you to join us. click here to book: Just Eat it

with Love Food Hate Waste & Tori from Compost Collective 3pm Sunday 20th November 2016 At 5pm we will be providing a free Community meal you are welcome to stay, We will be putting on a Hangi with our massive Kai Cooker @ Whangaparaoa Hall  with Love Soup.

Every year Kiwis send 122,547 tonnes of food to landfill, all of which could have been eaten. Not only is wasting food costing us money, it is also bad for the environment.

This week, we had a great week, with Food Rescue getting food to Charities in Auckland West, and along the coast with our Drivers, Angela, Sue, Mary Therese, Michelle & Julie.

Wednesday and Sunday’s community meals &  Meeting with our volunteers, Gardening and Painting the new trailer, Working on the shed, Dinner was super fun with Kim bringing in some nerf guns for all the kids to play. I think we need to get some for Christmas too 😍😝😜 & Saturday night a surprise 50th Birthday with our Big Supporters @ Bob Club NZ , Christmas event… A very special person !!   HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANT 🌟💖🌟💖🎉🎈

Thank… You Salvation Army Store we have this awesome Fellow joining us on Christmas Day, Also Paul Yau a Chef from Walkworth came to deliver us some yummy Vegetarian Curries and meat patties. Check out the lemons, not sure who dropped them off They are 14991786_10154573350759765_2387661123033731269_nHUGE ! 14962684_10154806826552625_7258428025626841219_n 15027406_10154806826762625_51936904800684703_n 15027493_10154806826902625_4476216042347335692_n 15036690_10154806826977625_8548021251577604776_n14993476_10154826575437625_6518707261146888100_n


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Sharing hope and vitamins a, b, c, d & Pea

Thank You Pegasus Sports Foundation we now have our own trailer!!

Great to meeting our Girl Guide Orewa Ranges this week, and Taking part in .Co Women Thank you Carol ASB got some great insight with Incredibly inspiring women.

Saturday 5th November: Yes we did it another great day in the Whangaparaoa communities garden,  I managed to arrive just before midday after presentation in Western Springs there was over a dozen workers that helped before me,   Thank you Earth Stone Arts for sharing the love,  Spreading the word. we had lunch prepared by 12.30 when most had already left.
And what fantastic work you all did.

Wayne Walker,  our very own Father Earth and Auckland Councillor,  which has put so much into this garden and planning was there to work with the crowd.

Check out the amazing Art lab work with  Anna,  with the most kaleidoscopic pizzazzy oven ever. Just love her pieces.

Richard and Anita preparing lunch,  was  scrumdiddlyumptious.

Nice to work with Martin that’s going to help us with a few extra projects,  and Wendy from Whangaparaoa Kindy. Also John that’s been working on our shed

Nem and your beautiful little angels that are always actively involved, in various activities. Including the baking treats you give to add to our meals.  You truly inspire me. Always look forward to their sweet hugs. Loves Medicine20161103_193117

20161103_193319 20161104_200521 20161105_093359 20161105_112731 20161105_114224 20161105_135621 20161105_135740 20161105_135948 20161105_140016 20161105_140650 20161105_140835 20161105_154939 20161105_16415820161102_162119-copy

LOVE FOOD HATE WASTE – Help us with Food Rescue.

Went to 3 Kings Auckland today for Love Food Hate Waste – New Zealand Seminar run by Lucy, Got some fabulous learning tools we can use in our workshops. Did you know with them left over sausages or meat you can store in a salt water  #OfftheGrid as an additional way of keeping it still good to eat, and that left over Feta we all love <3 can be immersed in olive oil to marinate with herbs and lemon. You can Freeze Cheese even whipped cream freezes great! . The horrendous amount of food we waste can be better maintained. And Better for our environment! We can learn and get some great advice by getting involved in The Love Food Hate Waste program.  @ Love Soup We enjoy being the middle man for Food Rescue, helping so many that would otherwise go without, brings us joy into what we do. If you know of any Food production places that would consider donating us Edible Food, please contact us, if we cannot collect there are other Food Rescue Charities we can connect you with.

Community Christmas Dinner – Thank You Hibiscus Matters

Love Soup Hibiscus Coast community dinner FREE EVENT. is going to be extra special this year, we are so thankful to be recipients for the promotion run by Hibiscus Matters Buy Local – Give Local

Gift vouchers donated will be gifted to struggling families we are aware of to help make Christmas extra special this year,

A community Christmas Dinner held at Whangaparaoa Hall on Sunday 25th Dec, 6 – 9pm

This family friendly event is open to all, visitors passing through, those struggling to make ends meet, as well as those who would just like to be a part of a larger event at this time of year.

Being together to share happiness & experience’s

involving volunteers from across the community together in a social, happy and fun event while serving on a common activity

If you wish to attend or donate goods or services please email

lovesoupnz@gmail.com – Subject line – Community Christmas,

Wish list:

Table cloths & Tinsel.

Donate a gift – or Gift voucher. via Hibiscus Matters Promotion

Share a Dish for Buffet table.

Share / involve guests on a fun activity.

Donate a Ham or Chicken.

Love Soup Tokoroa, Halloween Spooktacular party

Missy Lepaio Organiser: Solid As Night
First of all I would like to put a Big Phatt Shout Out and Many Thanks to our Sponsors for our Duble8six Productions / Love Soup Tokoroa Halloween Event
Tokoroa Burger King, McDonald’s Restaurant Tokoroa, South Waikato Indoor Pools, Brutha Kayh Tokoroa and Lariah Bidois
To my Duble8six Phamz Redemption Kaitai Daniel AO Kaitai Dee Z Rewita Hana Kaitai Kátèlyn Kìrí who put a lot of mahi into setting up the hall for the past few days and running the games for our tamariki that attended thanks for having my back, I got you’s. Thank you sis Kathryn Ann Wheeler those toffee apples were the bomb
Thank You so much to the community for supporting our event. It was a Massive Turn Out. Well over 50 kiddies + parents. Just to see the kiddies out there playing the games and having fun was the highlight. Hope you enjoyed your goodies and voucher passes.
See you all at our next Event

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