LDS Mormon Helping Hands – Love Soup Rotorua 😍💖

Love Soup Founder Gina Peiffer: Grateful thanks to LDS Church for the amazing food drop yesterday, these will go towards care packages for the families we assist into housing.

LDS Stake President Brons: “It was such a privilege donating the produce from our community. Thank to all those who answered our knocks an gave generously. What a wonderful organization love soup is.
Thanks to the members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day saints”

Love Soup Rotorua’s  kaupapa is to assist those Rough sleeping & Homeless, back into the community via Housing, work & continued Agency support.

Love Soup Rotorua provide a Dinner service, 7 nights a week for those who are Homeless. This is not a Community meal…

We assist in finding suitable, sustainable long term housing for our people.
We work closely with many social support agencies to provide a network of support around each person/family.
We assist in providing Household items once someone has been housed.
We rely completely on donations of food, Furniture, Household items, Linen, clothing.

Love Soup Rotorua provide a complete Wrap-around service for our people. The most important aspect being the Follow-up done on a regular basis once a family are housed. This ensures on-going support for the family.

Love Soup Mission Statement:

• Treat our guests with dignity and love.
• Provide others the opportunity to serve and offer supportive services in an atmosphere of acceptance and caring for those in need..

Defining Homelessness in New Zealand:
Without shelter: No shelter or makeshift shelter. Examples include living on the street and inhabiting improvised dwellings, such as shacks or cars.

Temporary accommodation: Overnight shelter or 24-hour accommodation in a non-private dwelling not intended for long-term living. These include hostels for the homeless, transitional supported accommodation for the homeless, and women’s refuges. Also in this category are people staying long-term in motor camps and boarding houses.

Sharing accommodation: Temporary accommodation for people through sharing someone else’s private dwelling. The usual residents of the dwelling are not considered homeless.

Uninhabitable housing: Dilapidated dwellings where people reside.


Halloween with Plunket & Love Soup

Our Halloween event was fabulous A massive turn out ! Raising funds for Plunket. @  Whangaparaoa Hall. We really enjoyed this Thank You Cherise. Also our Chef Richard which prepared some yummy free food and drinks to give out, We had so many creative & SPOOKY costumes, Face painting, Fun games, Dancing and A great vibe throughout. it was a day full of Scary fun, So much work and effort to make this day a success was put into this. Great Job Ladies!!  We carried on to Red Beach LDS church to join in the Trunk and Treat happening in the carpark.

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Love Soup – Helping to raise funds for Youth Suicide prevention

Friday 28th October, We managed to pull off 2 community events in one night, with some of us running our Monthly Movie night at Whangaparaoa Hall, and our other volunteers working hard to help with a Function, Also the Lovely Sea Scouts Orewa, At Rotary Our Brilliant Chef Richard & Family managed the 5 Star Meal engaged fundraiser for Youth in Transition which is a group that helps prevent youth suicide in the Rodney area.

We catered for well over 100 guests. With many Compliments on how good the food was, We are incredibly blessed to have such a Brilliant and gifted chef couple. Providing for our community meals every week. Come and visit us sometime, we would love to meet you. Try our some of our yummy meals.

We provide Community meals every Sunday at 5 pm and Fortnightly Wednesday lunches…

Watch this space for introduction to our Community Breakfast & plans to hold meals from another location . in the new year.

web-site-logohelp-011-300x170 suicide-prevention

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Upcoming events @ Whangaparaoa Hall

Upcoming EVENTS Whangaparaoa Hall Oct – November.


Friday 28th October – Dinner in the Dark and Movie ( Fame ) 7.30pm -FREE

Saturday 29th October – Halloween Disco with Plunket & Love Soup 2 – 4pm

Sunday 30th October – Community Meal 5pm – FREE

Saturday November 5th – Community Garden planting day, With Earthstone Arts & Love Soup Food Provided. 12pm – FREE

Sunday 6th November – Community Meal 5pm – FREE

Wednesday 9th November – Community Lunch 12pm – FREE

Sunday November 20th – ‘ Just Eat it ‘ Movie Event with Tori The Compost Collective 3 – 5pm ( Community meal served at 5pm) -FREE

Wednesday 23rd November – Community Lunch 12pm FREE

Friday 25th November – 8pm on-wards Party. At Hall – in planning . More info to come. – FREE

Sunday 27th November – Community Meal 5pm -FREE


The road to resilience Elevate Christian Disability Camp

Labour weekend 3 of our volunteers Cheryl, Nelly & Myself (Julie) , attended Elevate Christian Disability Camp Being around almost 400 over the weekend that face the most severe challenges in life,  teaches you to be humble for what you have. I really struggled this weekend, but know It was good to be there, we came as helpers. Each of us assigned someone to care for. It made me reflect and focus on things that really matter, Forced me to reevaluate my own life & the importance of Family.  The heartbreaking stories shared, of one being abandoned by her Dad, because Mum chose to keep her despite, she would be forever in a wheelchair, nappies and need constant care. The Love that Mother has for her child meets no bounds. The woman a year ago, that was once so successful and just in an instant, life changed from stroke, as I spoke to her and said, will you walk again? and she replied Yes!, and I do believe she will. I could see in her eyes her determination. Against all odds, what one can accomplish when they set their mind to it, As beneficial to them, but also especially us helpers, as we learn to forget ourselves and give unconditional love.

Its so easy to feel forgotten and useless, some born this way, or through a traumatic life experience. Learning to adapt to difficult challenges takes a lot of time, Patience and lots of Love. I have great admiration for them and their carer’s.

so happy with just the simple things, and I imagine a world one day when all of them will have perfected bodies. I stand in awe at the beauty of many of these souls around me.

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On the road with Food rescue

Meet Michelle one of our wonderful Angels, on the Coast, Helping us with Food Rescue.

This week we travelled to South Auckland to deliver Cheese to Charities, Today we got to deliver several Organisations on the Hibiscus Coast, Next week Helensville.

Thank you Puhoi Valley for your massive support helping us to connect and supply Cheese to many Charities around the North Island that help Feed the Need, We are also getting supplies of lovely sweet Oranges donated by Millwater Community Church, and the continue supply of Breads and other treats from our local Countdown Supermarkets,

We couldn’t do what we do without the incredible support of so many giving, Kind and supportive people in the community Thank You !


Waste Audit with Compost Collective

Tonight after our meal, Tori came to work with us to do a waste audit. with our lovely little helpers 😍👫🍅🌱

Here are the audit results;
Total rubbish bag weights – 27.44 kg
Sorted rubbish weights ;
Paper                                   1.28 kg 
Compostable paper             0.42 kg
Recyclable plastic                0.96 kg
Metals                                  0.34 kg
Glass                                    0.64 kg
Soft plastic (plastic bags)     0.56 kg
Food scraps                         24.1kg
landfill                                   0.22 kg
This means that only 0.22 kg of the rubbish has to be sent to landfill, all the rest can be recycled and composted.
The results make it easy for us to see how we can plan to reduce the landfill eg collect soft plastic.

You can learn more here how to compost, at Make the most of waste  Auckland Council & Compost Collective –  how to compost, worm farm and bokashi (good video clips to share – at the bottom of the home page)

Tonight we learned how and what can be recycled, Feeding our worms, and what a good balance is when composting. correct composting will mean it shouldn’t smell. We are in need of lots more Paper to balance out our compost.

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Out with the Old in with the Newish, Preparing for Community Meal

Thank You Matty, Our very supportive electrician, for removing and Installing our new oven, we are so excited to be able to use it for our cooking.  Matty & Dan  organized our Community Food Sharing Pantry which is going great!  and has also installed our Solar lights

Also Thank you Nadine for the Meat and Butter

Installed just in time for our Community meal tonight,

Lots of variety on the menu tonight, See you there Love Soup Hibiscus Coast

Whangaparaoa Hall 5pm 

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Free Food Dehydration Workshops 🍅🍎🌱

We are grateful for an opportunity to provide to anyone that would like to learn, some great tips on how to use a Food Dehydrator in the home. And it is FREE 😍 Location

Auckland City Events Link

Whangaparaoa Community Hall

Dates:  Sunday 12th Feb 5pm, (Dinner provided)

Wednesday 8th March 12pm, (Lunch Provided)

Wednesday 12th April 12pm (Lunch Provided)

Learn the ins and outs of using a food dehydrator to preserve popular fruits and veggies such as apples, carrots, potatoes, tomatoes, herbs, onions, etc.  We will take you through the process including pre-treating and cutting food, checking for dryness, temperature settings and storing dehydrated products. You’ll get a chance to sample a variety of products and take home a tasty treat. Spend an evening/Day chatting with others, asking questions and swapping food stories.

Thank You Love Food Hate Waste for the opportunity to provide these workshops.