Community Garden Harvest & our next Planting day.

You are invited to our next Community Garden Planting Day Saturday 5th November 10am – 12pm Lunch will be provided

We are reaping the benefits of your Hard work Wayne Walker, Love Soup Community Lunch is on again today, only one month from our planting day in August, we started Harvesting our Vegetables, that have been included in our meals, Today we benefit with Giant Bok Choy, Coriander and Parsley, our Cali flour is looking super white and bright, along with Carrots nearly ready to pluck out., Salads on the menu for Sunday’s Meal with lots of Lettuce to pick.

Come and Join us for a Happy Hearty Community Lunch Today at 12m Whangaparaoa Community Hall

Trudy Smith, Volunteer and help us deliver Food to Auckland City Mission Thank you Trudy xx
Our Chef Richard Ransfield
Nelly, Maggie, & Trudy
Planting day August 13th
Group Photo after planting
our Success is Thanks to the hard work and organizing from Wayne Walker
Tori has been a great help with Teaching us good Composting skills, Thank you Compost Collective.
Our Lovely dedicated Gardener Dee
Tori cleaning up our worm farm it was getting blocked and smelly. that is not good. thank you Tori what a horrible job we left you
We love you Tori & Compost Collective 🙂
Our friendly Helpful worms

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Sharing the Love with Puhoi Cheese 😍☀🍜🍢🍔😍

20160927_162639We are so thankful for the support of Puhoi Valley for their Sponsor of Cheese, every week we get a large supply of quality Fresh Cheese, that has been distributed around to Charities and organisations from the Hibiscus Coast to Auckland, Hamilton, Tokoroa and Rotorua. we are always on the look out for more Charities to donate to. Its Fresh its PerrrrrFect and it can also be Frozen.

Our Meals at Love soup have been a treat, we have been using it in our Soups, Pies, Salads, and Our Chef’s have made some delicious Frittatas from it too. This week we got some Brie and Camembert, which also can be Frozen. We sure enjoy creating some exciting dishes from having this supply of Cheese.

How to Freeze Cheese

Cooking tips with Feta.

1. Sprinkle feta on mashed potatoes or baked potatoes

2. Sprinkle it on top of pizza. Tastes good with fresh tomato, olives and artichokes.

3. In a sandwich…Drizzle the inside of a baguette with olive oil and vinegar. Sprinkle some oregano and top with a slice of feta. Or in grilled cheese, use feta and olive oil instead of butter.

4. Use it to make stuffed mushrooms or stuffed peppers along with some olive oil, herbs, and breadcrumbs.

5. Use it with salads: Greek salad (tomato-cucumber-olives), lettuce salad along with spring onion or beet salad.

6. Pair watermelon or cantaloupe or grapes with feta, a perfect combination especially in the summer.

7. Make phyllo turnovers filled with vegetables (spinach, greens, zucchini) and feta or Greek savoury pies (pites).

8. Combine with any type of vegetables cooked with olive oil and tomato (lathera).

9. Grill feta in the oven with a sprinkle of pepper flakes.

10. Use to make a feta dip.

11. Sprinkle on nacho chips along with some sliced black olives and heat until cheese softens.

12. Add some feta to your omelet.

13. Add to pasta, pairs well with sun dried tomatoes, zucchini and olives.

14. Add feta to beans (legume) dishes. Feta goes very well with lentils and broad beans.

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Feed the Homeless Monthly walk, Join us Oct 1st 7pm 😍💗

Sometimes, its just a simple hello and smile, is something that could help lift anyone’s day, especially our Homeless, and maybe more so. Consider giving them some of your time a listening ear and open heart.

Inspired by the work of a group called Feed the Homeless Auckland, they have walks on the first Saturday of each month, which we are keen to take part in. Who would like to join us, to support this amazing charitable cause. Join in event Link here on Facebook.

Message from Dan:

Hi All

Its that time of the month again where we start to prepare for our monthly walk to support our people living on the streets. If you have never been before or if you are wanting to come and experience what it is like then by all means comment on the thread below. 😉

If you have any blankets or food or clothing you are wanting to donate towards this please comment or PM me. Their are over 160 homeless on our streets so lets band together and show them some support. It is a very humbling experience and I would encourage you to come along.

We will meet outside Starbucks at 7pm on the 1st of October. Please try and be on time so our other volunteers are not waiting around ;). We will then have a quick meeting then split into our teams for the night. You will be in an allocated group that will be handed food, goodie bags and water. Then you will follow your group leader to your assigned area.

Please look out for the admin staff who will be wearing big orange jackets 😉

Any questions please feel free to ask.

We look forward to meeting you all.

Dan and team

Love is all WE. Universal Peace Federation 💗

Parnell Auckland New Zealand

UN International Day of Peace 2016
Strong Marriages, Strong Families, Strong Nation

Sunday 25th September, I was welcomed once again to a place of Unity and Love, where many multi Cultures, Religions, Christians, Muslims, Sufi, Pakistan’s, Indians and many more. Nominated by Geoffrey Fyers, I was presented a UPF Ambassadors for Peace Award., Along with Cherie Mangu & Bob McCoskrie ( Family First )

“New Zealanders need a voice that can research and advocate for strong families and safe communities, which is why we started Family First.”  Bob McCoskrie

It was pretty special, and I got to meet up with my long lost cousin Rob Mckay, Opening us in Prayer. Streamed live on Facebook

Julie and Geoffrey
Bob and Geoffrey
Rob, Cherie and Julie

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Serious HOUSING CRISIS ROTORUA action needed. 🚑

HELP: 29 Families Made Homeless on Monday Alone!


Gina Peiffer:  Update:

We have been busy with more families coming to us for assistance. Love Soup Rotorua have an arrangement with Tarewa pounamu Marae to continue utilizing the Marae for Homeless to connect to us Mon Wed & Fri 10-12 at 26 Tarewa road.  There are 50 families across Rotorua in Motels and many more singles & couples in Backpackers.

We were fortunate enough to have had a meeting with those involved with Iwi here in Rotorua and the need for action to be taken sooner rather than later.

In the past 3-4 weeks we have managed to house 22 families but with the shortage of houses available this is becoming more difficult each day. We are incredibly thankful to a new rental agency who approached us to house people as she was aware of the work we do and how we provide a wrap-around service, which involves follow up visits on a weekly basis to make sure things are going well for tenant and Landlord. Any issues that arise can be dealt with quickly. The Wrap-around service is essential to the ongoing success of those we house.

We have been offered a place for our “Car” people which is safe and private and we are looking at providing a meal for these people on site. We are currently organising how this would work to be most effective.

Thank you to all you wonderful people for the continued support and love you give to Love soup Rotorua and it’s people. We are so thankful for your donations of Food, clothing, Furniture and would not be here if it weren’t for this support.
Kia kaha Rotorua

Daily Post today’s news: 11 people crammed in one house

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Food rescue drivers needed 🚙🚗 Hibiscus Coast

NEWSFLASH Drivers FOUND 😜😍 Thank You Danny, Michelle, Sue and Kathryn

Can you help us… The last few weeks we haven’t been able to meet our targets for Friday Deliveries Hibiscus Coast, if you are willing to help, I can pick you up and take you on a round to meet our lovely recipients around the Hibiscus Coast. Needs to be around 8am to 9am so our recipients can get the food distributed.

Penny Hinchelwood Inspirational story of Hope shared.

Penny is a truly remarkable woman, the creator of Helping Hand, also Maddis Market West Auckland and now she is on a mission to help neglected kids within her community of Glen Eden

Her Journey has been no easy one.

As I sat with Penny, I felt strong Goosebumps, this was not going to be no ordinary visit.

I knew little about Penny before I arrived, I was coming to meet with her, to discuss her desires of starting up a Kitchen in West Auckland to help Feed the Homeless people she has been providing care packages, now for over a year, Including the creation of Maddis Market which helps Raise money for other sick children, not necessarily Cancer, but severe cases where even less support is given, such as Iziyah.

Her Story is nothing short of Inspirational, turning a devastating situation into something so beautiful within her community.

I also had the privilege to catch up with Eveyln, Leeanne and Kara

Penny and Eveyln are friends connected by The Koha Shed West Auckland

With concerns that worried Mum (Penny) took Maddison to be checked out to be sent home with a disgnosis of high temps and  thrush, She carried on seeking help, it actually took 2 months till they finally diagnosed her correctly with a parents worst nightmare very high risk Acute lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) in 2013

Having to go through some painful procedure’s including an Anaphylactic reaction to one of the chemotherpies, where Maddison’s little heart stopped beating for 14 minutes, sent to the PICU unit where most die, Maddison pulled through. But it was a long road to recovery, and during their journey, Community, where a comfort and support helping them as they endured a lot of constant treatments and time needed to be by Maddison’s side the whole time.

The beads of courage given to little Maddi, Each bead represent a procedure she endured. Including having a port inserted under her skin for medicine to be administered.

You can learn more about their journey in these links

Maddison’s first day of school is a big milestone after cancer battle

Maddi’s journey shows reality of cancer

Maddi’s journey shows the reality of cancer, especially when friends made along the way die from this disease, how is this fair? how do you tell your child when she asks, why am I still alive yet ……… has died. Maddi has learned a hard lesson about life and no child should have to experience loosing a friend let alone having to go to their funeral.

Penny and I plan to keep in regular contact, I think we have a journey ahead of us I don’t know where it will lead, I am Optimistic. I look forward to working with her , there is work ahead for us. Here’s hoping someday Penny will achieve her dream, to carry out and make an even bigger difference to the lives of others that need hope

Superhero Capes
Penny and Evelyn
Julie and Eveyln (The Koha Shed West Auckland)
Photo Credit: Nykie Grove-Eades Photography
Beads of Courage
Courage Chart
Port that was inserted into Maddison’s Vein for 2 years
How Medicine was administered
Leeanne, Kara, Evelyn and Penny
the loving & caring Gabrielle Devine
Penny and Julie

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Fusion Health Supporting Love Soup Hibiscus Coast 😍 your health and your local community

Fusion Health is supporting local charity Love Soup

From Saturday 24th September to Saturday 8th October

All new clients will get their Initial Appointment and Report of Findings Appointment all for just $50


For those clients who have been in to see Dr Gareth before but haven’t been in the last 6 months we are offering you your Return Appointment for only $35


All proceeds will go directly to Love Soup!

Offer available for a limited time so click to BOOK NOW!

See you soon!
Dr Gareth

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