Is this Needed in Your Community ?

Do you want to help Feed the Need in your #Community ?….. CLICK HERE
Start a Soup Kitchen ? (is this service being provided currently)
I’ve learned how beneficial it is, bringing #Healing #Hope & #Happiness to my life and others. From the Beginning, I’ve always wanted to help other communities start one up too & Support and learn from each other. several people have approached me about starting Love Soup / a Kitchen similar in their community. I would so love to help them… BUT My schedule is REALLY Busy and Time is something i have so little of.
I’m not concerned what you call your Kitchen / organisation. But I desire to help. If you are interested in getting one up and running or even curious…. (call it anything you like, it doesn’t need to be called Love Soup …. #ThinkOutSideTheBox ) I would like to help, create a group we can support each other, Share info, Knowledge, Feedback, Dreams, Missions, Visions, and all that other boring but important stuff such as policies..
#Sharethelove #WorkingTogether #BelieveinYourself #DivinePurpose1

Funding Expo Hamilton Gardens

Today some of our trustees had a wonderful opportunity to attend a funding expo in Hamilton, while there we got the privilege to meet Dennis Howell Chairman of the Norah Howell Charitable Trust, which helped us last year with the establishing gardens that has been Helping provide us some  vegetables for our Community meals & Kids Kai (soup in schools), This support has helped give so many meaning, Confidence, Learning, Friendships, & Nourishment, Its amazing the legacy of a persons kindness and how so many can benefit, the friendships formed, Confidence & Learning, is so rewarding to see. so  much planned and Growth continues on, because of your support.   iddddop - Copy